Skydiving NSW Drop Zone

Location: Hanger 14, Taree Airport, Taree, NSW. 2430

skydiving nsw drop zone

Tandem skydiving from 8,000, 10,000 or 12,000 feet above the beautiful Manning Valley. Free fall for up to 50 seconds. Parachute for up to 6 mins. Ca...

Tactical Paintball Games

Location: 19716 Pacific Highway Moorland, NSW, 2443

tactical paintball games, moorland

Ever said to yourself... "You annoy me so much I could shoot you!" Well here is your chance! Located in Moorland, just 25 minutes north of Taree and 3...

Rapidfire Paintball

Location: Half Chain Rd, Old Bar, 2430, NSW

Rapidfire Paintball is here to make your day exciting and fun, with unique games, well maintained gear and fields we hope to keep you coming back for ...

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